The Australian Cattle Dog is known for its versatility.

From the AKC website:  “Standing between 17 to 20 inches at the shoulder, the Australian Cattle Dog is a sturdy, hard-muscled herder of strength and agility. The ACD is born with a white coat that turns blue-gray or red. Both coat varieties feature distinctive mottling or specking patterns. ACDs have immense work drive and excel at hunting, chasing, and, of course, moving livestock. Their boundless energy and supple gait make them excellent running partners.

ACDs are true-blue loyal, famously smart, ever alert, and wary of strangers. If an ACD isn’t challenged, he easily becomes bored and gets into mischief. It is recommended that ACD owners participate with their dog in some work, sport, or regular exercise to keep him mentally and physically fit.”

Today’s Australian Cattle Dogs do it all: Agility, Barn Hunt, Conformation, Dock Diving, Herding, Lure Coursing, Obedience, Rally, Search and Rescue, and much more. Most importantly, they are loyal companion dogs.

The Australian Cattle Dog Club of Greater Los Angeles is a group of people dedicated to the health and well being of this amazing breed. We are breeders, rescuers, competitors, owners, and most importantly, lovers of the Australian Cattle Dog, working to preserve and improve the breed, and to educate the public about its needs and abilities.

2023 ACDCGLA Officers

President:  Joyce Rowland
Vice-President: Celeste Anderson
Secretary: Michele Mottola
Treasurer:  Jack Thourot
Directors:  Larry Favreau, Cherie Blossfield, Dana Rochat, & Lynda White